Corkit z Nové Vsi u Rýmařova (Česká republika)

Pages 87-90
Bulletin mineralogicko-petrologického oddělení Národního muzea v Praze | 2009/17/2

A supergene Pb-Fe sulfate/phosphate of alunite-jarosite family was identified in gossan of a base metal deposit at Nová Ves near Rýmařov, Czech Republic. The mineral forms ochre-brown semi-spheroidal aggregates up to 1.5 mm in size of glassy luster growing on limonite in cavities and also occurring as powdery aggregates of the same color shades associated with pyromorphite and plumbogummite. The mineral is almost pure corkite of which chemical composition is close to theoretical formula. The powder X-ray diffraction data also correspond to those given in the literature. It is the third occurrence of this mineral in the Czech Republic.

Full Text of the Article

Full Text of the Article

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