Molybdenem bohatý jarosit z oxidační zóny středověkého Au-Ag ložiska v Hůrkách u Rakovníka (Česká republika)

Pages 190-192
Bulletin mineralogicko-petrologického oddělení Národního muzea v Praze | 2008/16/2

Mo-bearing jarosite from supergene zone of medieval Au-Ag deposit at Hůrky near Rakovník, Czech Republic Molybdenum-bearing jarosite occurs along with other two Mo-secondary minerals, ferrimolybdite and rare wulfenite, in quartz veins of medieval mines at Hůrky near Rakovník in western Bohemia (Czech Republic). Ore mineralization represented by gold-bearing pyrite, molybdenite, galena, sphalerite, chalcocite, heyrovskýite and cosalite is associated with extensive alkaline metasomatism (fenitization) of granite and granodiorite of the Variscan Čistá Pluton. Jarosite which replaces molybdenite aggregates contains 5.4 - 6.8 wt. % of MoO3 but jarosite from fractures of quartz gangue which is not in direct contact with molybdenite contains only 1.4 - 1.5 wt. % MoO3.

Full Text of the Article

Full Text of the Article

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