Supergenní mineralizace slivického pásma (žíla Karel) jv. od Příbrami, Česká republika

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Bulletin mineralogicko-petrologického oddělení Národního muzea v Praze | 2008/16/1

The iron ores were exploited from the Karel vein between villages Milín and Slivice (the Slivice tectonic zone), SE at Příbram (Czech Republic) up to 19th century. Majority of old mine dumps there are aplaned today. During field works in 2007 - 2008 years the fragments of quartz - hematite gangue with occurrence of supergene minerals were rarely found at the rest of dump materials. Mimetite forming there light greenish white crystalline aggregates up to 2 cm in size is hexagonal with unit-cell parameters a 10.2417(5), c 7.4431(7) Å, V 676.12(7) Å3 and empirical formula (Pb5.15Ca0.05)Σ5.20 [(AsO4)2.89(PO4)0.07(SiO4)0.02(VO4)0.02]Σ3.00 [Cl1.05(OH)0.24F0.09]Σ1.38. Light green aggregates up to 1 - 2 cm formed by tiny columnar crystals are represented by strongly chemically zoned pyromorphite-like minerals: pyromorphite, Ca-rich pyromorphite and phosphohedyphane. Chemical composition data are given for all described members, the unit-cell parameters for Ca-rich pyromorphite are following: a 9.9608(5), c 7.3112(7)Å, V 628.21(7) Å3. The last found supergene mineral is malachite forming green acicular crystalline aggregates up to 3 mm in size with unit-cell parameters a 3.239(1), b 11.957(2), c 9.478(2) Å, β 98.58(2)o and V 363.0(1) Å3.

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