Two Roman Imports found at the Archaeological Site of Wad Ben Naga

Pages 81–92
Keywords Wad Ben Naga, Sudan, Roman imports, saucepan, lamp, Meroitic culture
Type of Article Peer-reviewed
Citation DUFKOVÁ, Marie . Two Roman Imports found at the Archaeological Site of Wad Ben Naga. Annals of the Náprstek Museum. Prague: National Museum, 2015, 36(2), 81–92. ISSN 0231-844X (print), 2533-5685 (online). Also available from:
Annals of the Náprstek Museum | 2015/36/2

A bronze saucepan and a terracotta lamp were discovered in 1959–1960 during archaeological excavations in the Palace of Queen Amanishakheto at the archaeological site of Wad Ben Naga in the Sudan. These two items are typical Roman products, judging from the context of finds and the iconography usually linked to Roman mercenaries. The use of these products has also been attested to in the everyday civil life of the Romans. The discovery of both objects, originating from Italian workshops of the 1st century CE, is unique not only in the context of the Island of Meroe. This is the furthest south so far that Roman imports have been found. A remarkable aspect is the excellent condition of preservation and the long period for which these artefacts were kept, perhaps with respect, in the palace, probably as valued gifts.

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