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Editor in Chief : Jiří Honzl (executive editor)

Milan Stuchlík and Mapuche: The Ethnographic Collection in the Náprstek Museum

Milan Stuchlík (1932–1980) was a renowned ethnographer, anthropologist, museologist, and academician. During his field research in Chile (1968–1973) he gathered a remarkable collection of material culture of the Mapuche ethnic group. This includes objects used for dining and food storage, textiles,…

Pectoral for the Lector Priest Panakht

An ancient Egyptian pectoral dated to the New Kingdom and belonging to the lector priest Panakht, entered the collections of the now National Museum, Prague, in the second half of the 19th century. The pectoral is decorated with a scene representing the rising sun on the recto and a scene of the…

Inscribed Canopic Jars in the Czech Collections

Altogether, twelve ancient Egyptian canopic jars with inscriptions (or their parts) are kept in collections of public museums of the Czech Republic. They date between the New Kingdom and the Late Period and originate from both Upper and Lower Egyptian sites.

A Shrew Mummy in the Collections of the Náprstek Museum

The extensive collection of animal mummies kept in the National Museum – Náprsek Museum of Asian, African and American Cultures comprises specimens of various species. The latest examination by the means of computed tomography has confirmed that one of the mummified ball-shaped packages contained…

Fish Mummies in the Collections of the Náprstek Museum – Preliminary Report

The National Museum – Náprstek Museum of Asian, African and American Cultures, Prague, keeps within its collection four ancient Egyptian fish mummies. The specimens were recently examined using computed tomography as a part of the Atlas of Egyptian Mummies Project in the Czech Collections.…