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Ethnographic Collection of Alberto Vojtěch Frič in the Náprstek Museum

Alberto Vojtěch Frič (1882–1944) was a Czech botanist, explorer and ethnologist. He made four exploratory journeys to South America (Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay, Argentina, Bolivia), at first led by his interest in cacti, later due to a desire of getting to know more about life and culture of the…

Decadent Eccentric and Poetic Moon-Viewer

This article deals with the personality and art of Tsukioka Yoshitoshi (1839–1892), one of the last ukiyo-e masters in Japan. Educated before Japan opened to the world, Yoshitoshi absorbed the best of his country’s traditions. Developing his career in the decades of rapid change in…

Uzbek Gold Embroidery

The art of gold embroidery has a very long history in Uzbekistan. Bukhara is considered to be the traditional and renowned centre of gold embroidery, with its high point being in the 19th century. Gold embroidery was used in particular to decorate the clothes of the emir and his courtiers.…