Magazine Illustrations – Text Accompaniment as Well as Competition

Pages 66–70
DOI 10.2478/amnpsc-2018-009
Keywords illustrated magazines – reproductions – reportage – illustrations – genre painting
Type of Article Peer-reviewed
Citation DLÁBKOVÁ, Markéta. Magazine Illustrations – Text Accompaniment as Well as Competition. Acta Musei Nationalis Pragae – Historia litterarum. Prague: National Museum, 2018, 63(3-4), 66–70. DOI: ISSN 2570-6861 (Print), 2570-687X (Online). Also available from:
Acta Musei Nationalis Pragae – Historia litterarum | 2018/63/3-4

The article deals with the role of illustrations in pictorial magazines in the second half of the 19th century (Světozor, Zlatá Praha, Květy etc.) and with changes in the image–text relationship. It focuses both on documentary and reportage drawings, which formed a significant part of magazine pictures, and on a magazine presentation of reproductions of works of art and the character of their accompanying commentaries. A closer inspection reveals that, despite the apparent dominance of the visual part, magazines still saw their crucial role in the textual part – which concerned not only the published articles but also the presentation of reproductions. The variation in the interaction between the image and the text is one of the most interesting methods of communication between illustrated magazines and their readers. On specific examples, the article illustrates how magazines worked with their pictorial part in connection with the reproduction techniques available and what meaning and content the reproductions could acquire in relation to the text.

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