Apionidae, Nanophyidae, Brachyceridae and Curculionidae except Scolytinae (Coleoptera) from Socotra Island

Pages 295-422
Citation COLONNELLI, Enzo. Apionidae, Nanophyidae, Brachyceridae and Curculionidae except Scolytinae (Coleoptera) from Socotra Island. Acta Entomologica Musei Nationalis Pragae. Prague: National Museum, 2014, 54, 295-422. ISSN 0374-1036 (print) 1804-6487 (online). Also available from: https://publikace.nm.cz/en/periodicals/aemnp/54-suppl/apionidae-nanophyidae-brachyceridae-and-curculionidae-except-scolytinae-coleoptera-from-socotra-island
Acta Entomologica Musei Nationalis Pragae | 2014/54/suppl

This contribution deals with a total of 71 species of the curculionoid families Apionidae, Nanophyidae, Brachyceridae and Curculionidae (except for Scolytinae) recorded from Socotra Island, based on both literature and new records. The following twelve new genera of Curculionidae are described: Armifemur gen. nov. (type species A. pusillus sp. nov.), Bezdekiellus gen. nov. (type species B. lucidulus sp. nov.), Elwoodius gen. nov. (type species E. barbatus sp. nov.) and Hajekia gen. nov. (type species H. microps sp. nov.) in Cossoninae: Dryotribini; Dipnotyphlus gen. nov. (type species: D. laminiscapus sp. nov.) in Cossoninae: Onycholipini; Parvorhynchus gen. nov. (type species: P. sordidus sp. nov.) in Entiminae: Otiorhynchini; Ericiates gen. nov. (type species: E. cinereus sp. nov.), Nesotocerus gen. nov. (type species: N. rectus sp. nov.), Socotracerus gen. nov. (type species: S. delumbis sp. nov.), Socotractus gen. nov. (type species: S. peteri sp. nov.), and Tuberates gen. nov. (type species: T. pustulatus sp. nov.) in Entiminae: Peritelini; Hagherius gen. nov. (type species H. sculptus sp. nov.) in Conoderinae: Menemachini. The following 51 new species are described and illustrated: Afrothymapion maculiferum sp. nov., Armifemur pusillus sp. nov., Bezdekiellus lucidulus sp. nov., Cossonus krali sp. nov., C. ochreipennis sp. nov., Dipnotyphlus laminiscapus sp. nov., Elwoodius barbatus sp. nov., Endeochetus crassirostris sp. nov., E. helenae sp. nov., E. maculifer sp. nov., E. minimus sp. nov., E. parvus sp. nov., E. pressicornis sp. nov., E. rugulithorax sp. nov., E. saccofrancisci sp. nov., E. simillimus sp. nov., E. simplex sp. nov., Epactus auromaculatus sp. nov., E. hirticornis sp. nov., E. hispidus sp. nov., Ericiates cinereus sp. nov., Hagherius sculptus sp. nov., Hajekia elongata sp. nov., H. hirticula sp. nov., H. hispidirostris sp. nov., H. lucida sp. nov., H. microps sp. nov., H. opaca sp. nov., H. parvopunctata sp. nov., Marvaldiella insularis sp. nov., M. truncata sp. nov., Mechistocerus inornatus sp. nov., Mesoxenomorphus rugipennis sp. nov., Molybdotus minor sp. nov., M. mixtus sp. nov., M. viridiaureus sp. nov., Nematocerus barbitibia sp. nov., N. spinifemur sp. nov., Nesotocerus complanatus sp. nov., N. griseovestitus sp. nov., N. labeculatus sp. nov., N. rectus sp. nov., Parvorhynchus sordidus sp. nov., Sibinia caldaraedicata sp. nov., Socotracerus contortipes sp. nov., S. delumbis sp. nov., Socotractus micans sp. nov., S. peteri sp. nov., Systates hlavaci sp. nov., S. spinipennis sp. nov., and Tuberates pustulatus sp. nov. The following new combinations are established: Nematocerus globosus (Gestro, 1892), comb. nov., N. humerosus (Gestro, 1892), comb. nov., and Socotractus angusticollis (Taschenberg, 1883), comb. nov. (all from Systates Gerstaecker, 1871), and Molybdotus vermiculosus (Waterhouse, 1881) comb. nov. (from Piazomias Schoenherr, 1840). Caenocotaster Voss, 1971, stat. nov., is promoted to genus from subgenus of Cotaster Motschulsky, 1851. The new substitute name Cossonus alphonsephilus nom. nov. is proposed to replace Cossonus gibbirostris Hustache, 1936, not Cossonus gibbirostris Roelofs, 1875. Keys to species of Hajekia gen. nov., Nesotocerus gen. nov., Endeochetus Kolbe, 1898, to Socotran Molybdotus Fairmaire, 1882, and to Socotran Peritelini genera are given.

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