New and noteworthy records of vespid wasps (Hymenoptera: Vespidae) from the Palaearctic region

Pages 229-236
Acta Entomologica Musei Nationalis Pragae | 2007/47/1

Records of 15 Palaearctic species of Vespidae are given. The following taxa are newly recorded: Polistes rubellus Gusenleitner, 2006, from Nepal, Dolichovespula adulterina (du Buysson, 1905) and Katamenes tauricus (de Saussure, 1855) from the Tuva Republic (eastern Siberia, Russia), Vespula vulgaris (Linnaeus, 1758) from Ciudad Real province (Spain), Ancistrocerus gazella (Panzer, 1798) from Gran Canaria (Spain, Canary Islands), Hemipterochilus bicoloricornis (Giordani Soika, 1952) from Turkey (Asian part), Microdynerus latro Blüthgen, 1955, from Syria, and Leptochilus membranaceus (Morawitz, 1867) and Pseudepipona tricolor Gusenleitner, 1976, both from Kazakhstan. Worldwide distribution of each taxon is also summarized.

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