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Editor in Chief : Mgr. Kateřina Spurná, Ph.D.

On the 160th anniversary of the death of Karel Havlíček Borovský 

‘The power of a country resting in agriculture is always stronger than that based on factories, which will, if indecently proliferated, only produce a large number of beggars.’ The Diseases of Central European Modernization in Austrian Pre-March (Vormärz) and Revolutionary Journalism as a Discursive Landscape

This article is devoted to an early discussion of pauperism and the social question in the early stage of Central European industrialisation on the pages of periodicals of the Habsburg Monarchy with an emphasis on Czech journalism. The authors attempt to follow the development of the discussion from…

Karel Havlíček in More Recent Scientific Literature

Based on an analysis of monographs and the main scientific studies devoted to Karel Havlíček, the article aims to present the basic topics and directions of research on Karel Havlíček while drawing attention to professional desiderata. It deals with Havlíček’s monumental biography by Karel…