You can find the library study room on the left-hand side on the first floor of the Náprstek Museum building (“U Halánků” House, No. 269), Betlémské nám. 1, Praha 1.

The library provides in-house loans: search for a publication in our catalogue at and order them online. We will be happy to prepare the ordered books for you in the study room. If you have a more complicated question, send us an email.


Vojta Náprstek began to build the library systematically after his return from the United States in 1858. It was open to everyone and also to the American Ladies’ Club. Náprstek’s friends, leading Czech scientists, politicians, writers and travellers, used to meet in the reading room, which has survived in its original form to this day, at the so-called parties, often associated with professional lectures. 

Náprstek’s library contains not only books and magazines, but also other collections, such as an extensive collection of photographs and stereoscopic images, scrapbooks, exlibris, posters, etc. This historical library does no longer accept new titles and contains around 60,000 books from various disciplines and genres, published in many languages until about 1950.

In addition to this library, researchers are welcome to use a specialised section containing publications and periodicals on non-European nations (ethnography, archaeology, history, geography, art, etc.).

The third, so-called compatriot library, is a unique one, housing prints (monographs, periodicals, calendars) of Czechs and Slovaks abroad. It was founded by Vojta Náprstek and is still accepting new arrivals mainly thanks to donations from compatriots.

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Tydlitátová Michaela, PhDr.

Vedoucí oddělení, zástupkyně ředitele
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Popelová Hana, PhDr., CSc.

Research Services, Deputy Head of Department
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International Exchange of Publications, Compatriot Periodicals
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Kotrlý Karel, Mgr.

Catalogisation of Monographs
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Honzáková Forštová Lucie

Zpracování periodik, depozitář Zbraslav
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