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Journal of the National Museum (Prague), Natural History Series


Journal of the National Museum, Natural History Series is a peer-reviewed journal, which publishes original papers covering all fields of natural history sciences, with emphasis on museum collections.

Manuscripts should be sent to the Editor: Jiřina Dašková, National Museum, Václavské náměstí 68, CZ-110 00 Praha 1, Czech Republic; tel.: 224 497 874, e-mail: jirina_daskova@nm.cz

General requirements: All manuscripts should be in English. They should be submitted via e-mail. If the size of the files exceeds 5 MB, a CD sent by post is appreciated. The text should be written in MS Word (*.doc).

Arrangement of the manuscript: Text should be divided into the following sections and appear in the order: (1) title, (2) authors’ names and affiliations, incl. e-mail addresses, (3) summary (up to 200 words) and key-words (up to 10 words), (4) introduction, (5) material and methods, (6) results, (7) discussion, (8) acknowledgements, (9) references, (10) appendices, (11) tables, (12) figure legends, (13) figures.

Text: Write genus-group and species-group names in italics, but make no other formatting of the text. Symbols, units and abbreviations should be expressed as Système International (SI) units. Dates should be written as day, month and year (e.g. 5 June 2005).

Tables should be preferably sent as Excell files.

Figures: Send one set of original figures (black and white ink drawings, black and white photographs on smooth glossy paper) and/or high-resolution digital images in Tagged Image File Format (*.tif).

References: References in the text should be cites as follows: Wild et al. (1990) and Schmidt (1795) or (Wild et al. 1990, Schmidt 1795, Wild et Brown 1991). References in the list should be in the following format [papers published in non-Congress languages must be accompanied with an English translation of the title in brackets; journal names must be cited in full]:

Wilde V., Kvaček Z. & Bogner J., 2005: Fossil leaves of the Araceae from the European Eocene and notes to other aroid fossils. – International Journal of Plant Sciences 166: 157–183.

Bayer F., 1894: Prodromus českých obratlovců [Synopsis of Czech vertebrates]. – Praha: Alois Wiesner, xi + 261 pp. [In Czech.]

Schmidt F.W., 1795: Versuch eines Verzeichnisses aller in Böhmen bisher bemerkten Thiere. – In: Schmidt F.W. (ed.): Sammlung physicalisch-ökonomischer Aufsätze. Vol. 1: 1–103. Prag [= Praha]: Joh. Gottf. Calve.

Carrasco M.A., Kraatz B.P., Davis E.B. & Barnosky A.D., 2005: Miocene mammal mapping project (MIOMAP). – http://www.ucmp.berkeley.edu/miomap/ [Accessed on 25 July 2005.]

Peer Review: Manuscript conforming to the above instructions will be peer reviewed by at least two independent reviewers.

Proofs: The corresponding author will receive proofs. No changes other than correction of printer’s and editor’s errors should be made in proofs. Accepted manuscripts will be printed as soon as possible.

Reprints: Each corresponding author will receive a PDF reprint of his or her article.