„Nos enim in angulo orbis constituti.“ Ke korespondenci mezi Bohuslavem Hasištejnským z Lobkovic a Bernardem Adelmannem z Adelmannsfeldenu

Stránky 19–23
Acta Musei Nationalis Pragae – Historia litterarum | 2007/52/1-4

In the extant correspondence of Bohuslav of Lobkowicz and Hassenstein, we fi nd 32 letters addressed to Bernhard Adelmann (1459–1523). These letters are a valuable source of information for a reconstruction of Bohuslav’s world view; however, they also contain important information on his library at the castle of Hasssenstein in Krušné hory. That library contained some 650
volumes, of which almost 480 are still extant. Bohuslav’s friendship with Adelmann dates from their studies in Ferrara, where they studied in 1481–1482. Adelmann became prebendary at Eichstätt and, in 1498, also in Augsburg, where he lived. There, he got actively involved in local humanist circles. Toward the end of his life, he sympathized with Luther. For over a quarter of a century, since their return from Italy until Bohuslav’s death in 1510, Adelmann was Bohuslav’s principal supplier of foreign books that were not available on the Czech market. Pertinent passages in Bohuslav’s letters are a testimony of his love for books. His style is ingenious, not lacking humor. Present paper describes the method of book acquisition, as revealed by those letters. Adelmann, who often traveled abroad, also supplied Bohuslav with foreign news, such as information about the expedition of Portuguese navy to India.

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