Pamětní mince a bankovka vydané v roce 2019

Pages 109–122
DOI 10.37520/nl.2019.003
Keywords jubilee coins; commemorative coins; gold coins; jubilee banknote; the Czech National Bank; 2019
Citation VICHEROVÁ, Šárka. Pamětní mince a bankovka vydané v roce 2019. Numismatické listy. Prague: National Museum, 2019, 74(1-4), 109–122. DOI: ISSN 0029-6074. Also available from:
Numismatické listy | 2019/74/1-4

The Czech National Bank has produced nine commemorative coins and one banknote in 2019. Four of them were 200 CZK pieces in silver, celebrating the following: 100th Anniversary of the Czechoslovak Red Cross Foundation, 150th Birth Anniversary of Aleš Hrdlička, 100th Anniversary of the construction of the first Czechoslovak-made airplane B-5 and piece to mark the 600th Jubilee of Defenestration of Prague. Furthermore, one jubilee silver piece in a nominal value 500 CZK was issued for the 100th Anniversary of the commencement of the first Czechoslovak currency and a jubilee silver coin with gold inlay in a nominal value 2000 CZK to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the introduction of the Czechoslovak Crown. Two gold 5000 CZK pieces were issued under the scheme called Castles: the Veveří Castle and the Švihov Castle. To mark the significant jubilee of the introduction of the Czechoslovak currency, gold pieces with a nominal value of 10.000 CZK and 100.000.000 CZK were also issued. On the same occasion, the historically first commemorative 100 CZK banknote with a portrait of Alois Rašín was issued.

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