Střípky z ostravské archeologie

Pages 77–80
DOI 10.37520/mmvp.2022.009
Keywords Presentation, online, archeology, video, education
Citation MORAVEC, Zbyněk a MORAVCOVÁ, Irena. Střípky z ostravské archeologie. Museum: Museum and Regional Studies. Prague: National Museum, 2022, 60(1), 77–80. DOI: ISSN 1803-0386. Also available from:
Museum: Museum and Regional Studies | 2022/60/1

The article describes the online project “Střípky z ostravské archeologie”, which managed to place in the “Zlatý mamut” competition in 2022. The project could not have been created without long-term professional work, therefore the article outlines also the development of archeology in Ostrava. The main content of the project are the videos, each of them about 7–10 minutes long. Through these videos are introduced to the public the results of the in many cases interdisciplinary work. The videos are placed on the YouTube channel of the Ostrava Museum. In the caption below the individual videos is always offered additional online content or literature for more information. The preparation of the videos begins with the narration of the text and continues with the overall processing of the audiovisual image, including subtitles. More popular are those videos, which convey a certain story (A Girl Named Mariana) or discuss a castle (Landek, Poslední ostravský hrad) or a treasure (Hulvácký poklad). In the future it is planned to expand the topic of videos by other independent projects.

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