Galerie jako otevřený prostor. Spolupráce edukačního oddělení Galerie hlavního města Prahy se zahraničním publikem

Pages 45 - 51
DOI 10.1515/mmvp-2017-0047
Museum: Museum and Regional Studies | 2017/55/2

Gallery as an Open Space. The Collaboration of the Educational Department of Prague City Gallery with a Foreign Audience Abstract: Prague City Gallery, one of the major Czech cultural institutions, organises exhibitions, educational events and other accompanying programmes that are designed not only for Czech but also for foreign audiences. The purpose of this article is to introduce its activities and its openness towards foreign-language visitors - tourists, schools and students from other countries. It is not only its exhibition and the gallery’s operation that count with guests from abroad, but also the organisation of the exhibitions and the service provided for the visitors and the promotion. The interesting topics mentioned in the article include direct communication with these visitors and their integration and active involvement in the educational events. The focus of the text is on drawing inspirational and interesting examples from practice. Other activities of Prague City Gallery that are referred to in the article include cooperation with foreign countries, especially in regard to exhibitions and other similar projects. In conclusion, the development possibilities, the potential, the plans and the other visions concerning further positive development in this area are described. Keywords: Prague City Gallery, education, foreign audience, accompanying programmes

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