Merojské sousoší boha Amona a bohyně Mut – restaurování pomocí 3-D technologií

Pages 33-44
Museum: Museum and Regional Studies | 2015/53/1

In 2012 the Archaeological Expedition to Wad Ben Naga, Sudan, of the Czech National Museum, made a unique discovery in the ruins of the so-called Typhonium - a temple dedicated to the originally Egyptian goddess Mut and dating to the 1st century C.E. Numerous fragments of a sandstone double statue of seated Amun and Mut were discovered in front of the entrance to the main sanctuary. Shortly after the recovery and conservation of the individual fragments of the pair of statues, it became clear that further restoration measures were needed to be carried out outside of the site. The conservation of the statue in the National Museum, Prague, enabled employment of modern approaches to restoration, standards of reversibility and the use of 3-D scanning and printing technologies. The restoration revealed aspects of the Meroitic sophistication of craftsmanship.

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