Myšovka horská (Sicista betulina) v zbierkach Šarišského múzea v Bardejove (Rodentia: Zapodidae) [Sicista betulina in collection of the Šariš Museum Bardejov, Slovakia (Rodentia: Zapodidae)]

Pages 125–127
DOI 10.2478/lynx-2016-0007
Lynx, new series | 2016/47/1

The paper presents data on Sicista betulina available in the collection of the Šariš Museum Bardejov. Three specimens of S. betulina were collected by Tibor Weisz in the Ľubochnianska dolina Valley, Veľka Fatra Mts., in 1982. An existence of a fourth specimen is indicated in the card index of the museum. It represents the first record of S. betulina from the Čergov Mts., north-eastern Slovakia. This individual is an adult male caught by F. Mészáros and T. Weisz at Hertník (1057 m a. s. l.) on 12 June 1982.

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