Dull and bright: cryptic diversity within the Hipposideros larvatus group in Indochina (Chiroptera: Hipposideridae) [Temní a zářiví: kryptická diversita pavrápenců skupiny Hipposideros larvatus ze Zadní Indie (Chiroptera: Hipposideridae)]

Pages 29–42
Lynx, new series | 2015/46/1

Leaf-nosed bats of the Hipposideros larvatus species complex are widespread throughout South-East Asia; however, their taxonomic diversity is strongly underestimated. Our analysis of the genetic and morphological diversity within this complex in Indochina and our comparison of this with samples from Myanmar, Thailand and the Sunda Islands demonstrate that the diversity of these bats cannot simply be described as two species, H. larvatus and H. grandis, as many experts do today. We came to the conclusion that there are at least four species of larvatus-like Hipposideros in the Vietnamese fauna alone, none of which can be associated with H. larvatus s.str. In the meantime, populations from Southern Vietnam may be treated as H. grandis until the alternate versions get support from new genetic data. Small animals inhabiting the Con Dao archipelago possess cranial proportions similar to those of insular populations from North Vietnam. However, based on genetic data and baculum proportions, they also belong to H. grandis. Their differences from their conspecifics from South-East Asia lowlands let us suggest a new subspecies, probably endemic to the Con Dao Islands.

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