Revised catalogue of wild equids in the collection of the National Museum, Prague, and several other collections in the Czech Republic (Perissodactyla: Equidae) [Revidovaný katalog divokých zástupců koňovitých ve sbírce Národního musea v Praze a v dalších

Pages 97–138
Lynx, new series | 2014/45/1

A commented list of specimens of wild equids deposited in the Czech collections is presented, based on a detailed survey across a large number of institutions (museums, zoos, castles, etc.). Three collections were recognised as the most important; National Museum, Prague (NMP), Hippological Museum, Slatiňany (HMS) and the Dvůr Králové Zoo (DKZ). The revised collections contain 275 specimens of wild equids, which belong to seven species and seven subspecies. Two collections (NMP, DKZ) contain many captive born individuals of wild equids which could be regarded as valuable for detection of some captivity-induced changes in their somatic characters as well as calibration of some archaeological measures of the domestication processes in equids. The NMP, HMS and Prague Zoo collections contain numerous specimens of Equus przewalskii of the B-Line. The type specimen of Asinus hemionus kulan Groves et Mazák, 1967 is deposited in the NMP collection. Most of the here listed specimens are of a significant scientific value.

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