Mimořádně výrazný campylorrhinus lateralis u domácího koně (Perrisodactyla: Equidae) [Extraordinarily conspicuous campylorrhinus lateralis in a domestic horse (Perrisodactyla: Equidae)]

Pages 277–280
Lynx, new series | 2011/42/1

A skull of a mare of the domestic horse with an extraordinarily developed wry nose (campylorrhinus lateralis) is deposited in the collection of the National Museum Prague (NMP 21920). The origin of the skull is unknown, the dimensions of the skull indicate adult age of the specimen. The whole rostral part of the skull is s-shaped and bent to the left side in the angle of 45–50°. The largest changes are apparent in praemaxilla, maxilla and nasal bones, certain restructuring is present also in other skull bones. No marks of cured fractures or surgical interventions are detectable in the skull. With such defect (and subsequent breathing complaints), the use of the animal for farming or riding purposes is unlikely, its long-term survival can be explained only by a deep emotional relationship of the keeper to its ward.

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