Distribution and conservation management of the Root Vole (Microtus oeconomus) populations along the Danube in Central Europe (Rodentia: Arvicolinae) [Rozšírenie a ochranársky manažment populácií hraboša severského (Microtus oeconomus) v str

Pages 29–42
Lynx, new series | 2009/40/1

The endangered Mehelyi’s root vole, Microtus oeconomus mehelyi Éhik, 1928, is the rarest vole subspecies in Central Europe. The decrease in its population size and numbers has justified the strict protection of this subspecies in Slovakia since 1965, and in Hungary since 1974. In addition, Mehelyi’s root vole is listed in both the Appendix III to the Bern Convention and the Habitat Directive (HD2). Mehelyi’s root vole is considered to be a glacial relict at its current locations, marking the southernmost distribution of this Holarctic species in Europe. Basic research activities concerning this subspecies, of relevant to conservation, have only been started in recent years. Based on literature and field data, the authors reviewed the distribution of Mehelyi’s root vole in the floodplain of the Danube (Szigetköz, Žitný ostrov) and its vicinity. Potential strategies for the conservation of the existing populations and their habitats are proposed herein.

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