Monitoring vydry riečnej (Lutra lutra) na vybraných tokoch Národného parku Nízke Tatry, stredné Slovensko (Carnivora: Mustelidae) [Monitoring of the Common Otter (Lutra lutra) in selected streams in the Nízke Tatry National Park, central Slo

Pages 129–142
Lynx, new series | 2008/39/1

From August 2005 till December 2006 an occurrence of the otter, (Lutra lutra( (Linnaeus, 1758), was monitored at the Hron River and the Vajskovský and Lomnistý creeks in the Hron basin of the Nízke Tatry National Park (central Slovakia), based on the presence of otter signs. Seasonal changes in marking were analysed at selected sites. The results are in accordance with the existing knowledge on marking behaviour of the species.

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