Výskyt drobných savců na území Biosférické rezervace Dolní Morava (rozšířená Biosférická rezervace Pálava). Část I. Hmyzožravci a hlodavci – Insectivora et Rodentia [Distribution of small mammals in the Biosphere Reserve Lower Morava (extended BR Pálava).

Pages 65–78
Lynx, new series | 2003/34/1

Faunistic records coming from various researches carried out in the Biosphere Reserve Lower Morava (enlarged area of the Pálava Biosphere Reserve) in 1950–2001 were summarized. Using these data, grid maps illustrating the distribution of individual small terrestrial mammal species were prepared. In total, 7 insectivore and 11 rodent species have been documented in the area under study, i. e., Crocidura leucodon, C. suaveolens, Neomys anomalus, N. fodiens, Sorex araneus, S. minutus, Talpa europaea, Arvicola terrestris, Clethrionomys glareolus, Microtus arvalis, M. subterraneus, Apodemus agrarius, A. flavicollis, A. microps, A. sylvaticus, Micromys minutus, Mus musculus, and Muscardinus avellanarius. C. glareolus and A. flavicollis are dominant species in woodlands, whereas M. arvalis and A. sylvaticus prevail in open and semi-open habitats, respectively. C. leucodon and A. microps can be considered typical xerothermic species in the lowlands of the Pálava BR. The occurrence of some wetland species, i.e. N. anomalus and A. agrarius, is also discussed in the paper.

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