Drobné cicavce východného Slovenska v zberoch pracovníkov Ústavu zoológie SAV v Košiciach [Small mammals on the East Slovakia in collections of the scientific workers of the Zoological Institute SAS in Košice (Slovakia)]

Pages 113–123
Lynx, new series | 2000/31/1

Results of faunistic investigations of small mammals, in the area of East Slovakia in 1978–1999, are reported in the presented paper. Totally, 16124 individuals belonging to 29 mammal species were captured in 43 quadrats of the standard grid maps. Concetrated long-term research were realized in areas East Slovakian Lowland, Košická kotlina basin a east part of Volovské vrchy Mountains. The structure of dominant mammal was influenced by prevailing catching method (by snap traps) in lowland areas. Therefore, the most dominant species were: Apodemus flavicollis (29.0%), A. agrarius (26.9%), Clethrionomys glareolus (15.6%), Apodemus uralensis (7.9%), Microtus arvalis (6.8%) and Sorex araneus (6.0%). The occurrence of C. glareolus and A. flavicollis was recorded in 40 quadrats (both in 93.0% of examined quadrats), followed by Sorex araneus (88.4%), Apodemus agrarius and Microtus arvalis (both 76.7%), S. minutus (62.8%), M. subterraneus (60.5%) and Neomys fodiens (48.8 %). Mean number species were 9.7 per examined quadrats and corresponds with volume of captured mammal material from single quadrats.

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