Kožka “bílého” tygra ve Stáním zámku Horšovský Týn [Flat skin of the “white” tiger in the State Castle of Horšovský Týn]

Pages 57–60
Lynx, new series | 1998/29/1

In the Horšovský Týn State Castle (SW Bohemia) a flat skin of the “white” tiger is preserved. Judging from its size, it originated from an adult male. This animal was shot (the skin shows round penetration after bullets in the groin and in the neck) probably between the World War I and II (1926 ?) in southern India. On the lining of the flat skin a metal label is fastened bearing the following text: “Theobald Bros Taxidermists Mysore S. India”. Neither the skull or the set of teeth have been preserved. The exact lokality where the animal was shot, the hunter’s name, the way which the skin was acquired, and the date of its arrival to the castle are unknown. In 1945, the Czechoslovak state took over the castle Horšovský Týn from the count family Trauttmansdorff. The flat skin was inventoried for the first time in 1948.

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