Činnost kroužkovací stanice netopýrů při Národním muzeu v Praze v letech 1959–1961 [The activity of The Czechoslovakian bat-banding station in the years 1959–1961]

Pages 37–41
Lynx, new series | 1962/1/1

During the years 1959–1961 the bat-banding in Czechoslovakia was continued; the greatest attention was paid to banding of some species, especially Myotis myotis, in their summer colonies. The review of bats banded in separate years is given in table. Most intensively were banded the following species: Myotis myotis, Rhinolophus hipposideros, Barbastella barbastellus, Pipistrellus pipistrellus, Myotis blythi oxygnathus, Myotis daubentoni, Miniopterus schreibersi and Nyctalus noctula. On the whole 6165 specimens of 17 species were banded during this period. For the future further systematic banding in summer colonies of Myotis myotis and some arboreous species (Nyctalus noctula, Pipistrellus pipistrellus) is planned. All return reports obtained up to now were summarised in 1961 and will be published in a treatise written in English in Acta Univ. Carolinae, Biologica, 1, 1962. In this treatise foreigh spcialists will find detailed informations about the activities of Czechoslovakian bat-banding station as well as a review and conclusions drawn from the results obtained till the present time.

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