Španělská občanská válka (1936–1939) v dokumentech Archivu Národního muzea / The Spanish Civil War (1936–1939) in documents in the Archives of the National Museum

Pages 3-18
Citation MAJTENYI, David. Španělská občanská válka (1936–1939) v dokumentech Archivu Národního muzea / The Spanish Civil War (1936–1939) in documents in the Archives of the National Museum. Journal of the National Museum. History Series. Prague: National Museum, 2016, 185(3-4), 3-18. ISSN 1214-0627. Also available from: https://publikace.nm.cz/en/periodicals/jotnmhs/185-3-4/spanelska-obcanska-valka-19361939-v-dokumentech-archivu-narodniho-muzea-the-spanish-civil-war-19361939-in-documents-in-the-archives-of-the-national-museum
Journal of the National Museum. History Series | 2016/185/3-4

This study came about for the anniversary of the outbreak of the civil war in Spain in summer 1936. Its objective is to acquaint specialists and the general public with the archival material stored in the National Museum archive which relates either directly or indirectly to this event in history. Part of this archival material is found in its photographic collections – these are contained in the Labour and National Politics Journalist and Documentary Photo Archive collection. Besides determining the Spanish context within this, the study also briefly explains its history and those running it. A selection of photographs from this collection, divided by topic and given extensive descriptions which here are used as accompanying text describing the particular situation at the time, forms an integral part of this study. Other documenting materials relating to the war in Spain are found in the many personal collections contained within the archive. Specifically, these include the personal collections of JUDr. Robert Flieder, Vojtěch Mastný, Milan Hodža, Zdeněk Fierlinger and Victor Emanuel Voska. Again, the text does not just discuss the Spanish context, but also a brief history and the organisation of these personal collections. Last but not least, the study also looks at archival material with links to Spain in the latest ANM acquisitions, from the collections received from the Museum of the Workers’ Movement. In this regard, this mainly involves a wide-ranging collection of posters, many rare printed materials and an extensive photographic collection. These archive materials, however, have not yet been processed and as such are not yet usable for the public. It is our opinion that this anniversary represents an appropriate opportunity to be reminded of all these facts.

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