Muzejní archivář Václav Schulz / Václav Schulz, Archivist of the National Museum

Pages 85-88
Journal of the National Museum. History Series | 2015/184/3-4

In December 2015, we commemorated two anniversaries of the major museum archivist Václav Schulz (1854–1935): the 80th anniversary of his death and the 100th anniversary of his retirement. In 2013, the staff of the National Museum Archives became involved in the project of the Administration of Prague Cemeteries “The Adoption of Significant Graves” and – as one of the first participants – adopted a grave of Václav Schulz (DI-581) at a cemetery in the Prague district of Malvazinky. In this grave are also buried Anna Netušilová (1859–1918), the sister of Václav Schulz, and her daughter Růžena Vymětalová (1889–1946). Data illustrating their family life have been traced in the church registers.

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