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Editor in Chief : Jiří Kvaček

Macaque molar from the Red Crag Formation, Waldringfield, England

Fossil monkeys are rare in the British palaeontological record, a few specimens having been reported from the Pleistocene, and a single specimen from the Red Crag, possibly of Late Miocene or Pliocene age. An undescribed monkey tooth from the Red Crag at Waldringfield collected circa 1908 that has…

Upper Aptian ammonites from Roussillon, southern France

The present contribution describes a new rich ammonite material from the Aptian-type area, Vaucluse, France, made accessible by the expansion of the wine cellar of Domaine de Château-Blanc at Roussillon, located at ca. 8 km northwest of Apt. This temporary outcrop exposed a few meters of sandstones…