New updated results of paleomagnetic dating of cave deposits exposed in Za Hájovnou Cave, Javoříčko Karst.

Pages 27-34
Fossil Imprint / Acta Musei Nationalis Pragae, Series B - Historia Naturalis | 2014/70/1-2

Clastic cave deposits exposed in Za Hájovnou Cave in Javoříčko Karst were recently dated using a superconducting rock magnetometer evice. Normal polarities identified in the upper portion of the sedimentary fill are interpreted as a normal Brunhes Chron imprint (sediments are younger than 781 ka). The sediments in the lower portions of the sequence reveal reversed or transition polarities which could be interpreted as a Matuyama Chron imprint (sediments are older than 781 ka). In the current research, the sediment magnetic fabric was assessed based on anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility. The sediment magnetic fabric was controlled by local water flow combined with cavity morphology.

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