The type specimen of Debeya (Dewalquea) haldemiana rediscovered

Pages 83-86
Fossil Imprint / Acta Musei Nationalis Pragae, Series B - Historia Naturalis | 2013/69/1-2

The rediscovered specimen MGUWr 7536p, one of the syntypes of Dewalquea haldemiana, is described. It is selected as the lectotype of Debeya (Dewalquea) haldemiana (DEBEY ex SAPORTA et MARION 1873) HALAMSKI 2013 and of Debeya (Dewalquea) haldemiana var. haldemiana. It is the most complete and best preserved known specimen of the species. It allows supplementation of previous description of the following characters: brochidodromous secondary venation; acuminate leaflet apices; variation of the petiolus length from 0 (leaflets subsessile) to 30 mm; ramified tertiary venation. Other species considered up to now to belong to the same subgenus possess percurrent tertiary venation; a doubt is therefore expressed about the validity of the present circumscription of Debeya (Dewalquea). Additonally, validation of the previously published name Debeya (Dewalquea) haldemiana var. angustifolia (HOSIUS et VON DER MARCK 1880) HALAMSKI comb. nov. is presented.

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