Simakocrinus gen. nov. (Crinoidea, col.) from the Bohemian Early and Middle Devonian of the Barrandian Area (the Czech Republic)

Pages 65-68
Fossil Imprint / Acta Musei Nationalis Pragae, Series B - Historia Naturalis | 2013/69/1-2

A new artificial crinoid genus of the myelodactylid type Simakocrinus gen. nov. (col.) and two Early Devonian species belonging to this genus, i. e: Simakocrinus facilis sp. nov. (col.) from Pragian and S. diligens sp. nov. (col.) from Late Emsian strata are described. The stratigraphical range and paleoecology of the new genus in the Bohemian Early and Middle Devonian is discused. A record of the localities in which the columnals and stem fragments of the crinoid genus Simakocrinus gen. n. have been found is included.

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