Aus Zwei mach Eins – und wieder zurück! Die Restaurierung eines Pasticcio aus der Sammlung des Joseph-Ferdinand von Österreich-Toskana

Pages 35-53
DOI 10.37520/anpm.2020.006
Keywords pasticcio, Osiris, bronze, statuette, restoration, conservation, forgery
Type of Article Peer-reviewed
Annals of the Náprstek Museum | 2020/41/2

The Osiris statuette P 6169 of the Prague Náprstek Museum has a very unusual appearance: In addition to a striking surface corrosion, its crooked shape in comparison to its fine surface details are not corresponding to the ancient Egyptian artistic ideal. Through consideration of comparative pieces of the Joseph Ferdinand of Austria-Tuscany collection came up the suspicion that it might be concerned as a pasticcio. The particular challenge of the object is to establish mainly the certainty that it was possibly composed of different ancient fragments in modern times. Objectives of the restoration project are, firstly, the identification of P 6169 as a pasticcio and, secondly, a conception of conservation and restoration treatments, which have to be derived from this knowledge. In addition to the scientific and cultural-historical analysis of the object, the focus of the work is mainly on the ethical discussion on how to approach such an object and the resulting demands of the object to its preservation for the future.

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