Preliminary Report on the Research of “Activity Centers” in Taidong, Taiwan

Pages 121–125
DOI 10.2478/anpm-2019-0019
Keywords Activity Centers, Austronesian, Taiwan, Aboriginal
Type of Article Research report
Citation JANDA, Petr. Preliminary Report on the Research of “Activity Centers” in Taidong, Taiwan. Annals of the Náprstek Museum. Prague: National Museum, 2019, 40(2), 121–125. DOI: ISSN 0231-844X (print), 2533-5685 (online). Also available from:
Annals of the Náprstek Museum | 2019/40/2

This report presents current research on aboriginal activity centers in Taidong County, Taiwan, primarily in the townships of Chishang and Yanping with over 30% of the population being of aboriginal ancestry. Taidong County is the region with the most distinctive aboriginal communities in Taiwan. The research attempts to identify the actors behind the operation of such centers and their significance for aboriginal communities. The research investigates the process of selecting suitable location for the facilities, the specific features of such centers, the potential religious significance of the locations including the role of traditional beliefs in predominantly Christian aboriginal communities, the symbolic value of structures built in the traditional style for construction of ethnicity and financing that enables the construction of the facilities and the organization of the festivities held in them. The principle research method used was interviews with local actors including local representatives, organizers of festivities, as well as members of local communities. The research began in 2017.

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