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Remarks to a Surface Collection of Artefacts from Khöshöö Tsaidam and Karakorum Collected by the Czechoslovak-Mongolian Expedition to the Orkhon Valley of the Year 1958

The small collection of terracotta and pottery finds, stored in the depository of the Náprstek Museum in Prague, comes from the ancient city of Karakorum in Mongolia. Their origin is connected with the first Czechoslovak-Mongolian expedition led by Dr. Lumír Jisl (1921-1969), whose interests were…

Reflections of Dong Son Drums in Náprstek Museum

The Dong Son culture developed at the Red River Valley of northern Vietnam (approx. 6 BC to 2 AD). This highly mature civilization influenced the whole Southeast Asia region. The majority of bronze items were decorated with refined motives, realistic and stylized. The most famous artefacts produced…

Special Feature of Two Tombs from the Reign of Unis

The tombs of Unisankh and Nyankhba located at the Unis Cemeteries at Central Saqqara represents – in terms of development of inner structure – a specific subtype of large multi-roomed mastabas from the latter part of the Old Kingdom. These tombs contain a special feature not attested in other tombs’…