Family correspondence and memories of the historian Beda Dudík

Pages 75-81
Keywords Family correspondence – Moravian Land Historian Beda Dudík, OSB (1815–1890) – family memoirs – Marie Dudíková, married Ryšavá (1869–1947)
Acta Musei Nationalis Pragae – Historia litterarum | 2012/57/1-2

The author has studied the as yet unknown family correspondence of the Moravian Land Historiographer, Dr. Beda Dudík OSB (1815–1890). That correspondence, mainly with Dudík ́s father and two brothers, is in the private archives of the Dudík family. The letters complete the official picture of Beda Dudík and his private life, his love and dedication to his family, his opinion on politics, diplomacy, science, church and national issues. Included also are excerpts from memories of Dudík ́s niece, Marie Dudíková (1869–1947)

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