Catalogue of type specimens of beetles (Coleoptera) deposited in the National Museum, Prague, Czech Republic. Meloidae and Ripiphoridae

Pages 825-858
Acta Entomologica Musei Nationalis Pragae | 2015/55/2

Type specimens from the collection of beetles (Coleoptera) deposited in the Department of Entomology, National Museum, Prague, are currently being catalogued. In this part of catalogue dealing with Meloidae and Ripiphoridae, we present information about types of 57 taxa of Meloinae (type status of two taxa remains doubtful), and four taxa of Nemognathinae (all Meloidae), one taxon of Pelecotominae, one taxon of Ptilophorinae, two taxa of Ripidiinae and three taxa of Ripiphorinae (all Ripiphoridae). In addition, the status of three Meloidae taxa described by A. Fleischer is discussed.

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