New synonymy of Oplodontha minuta (Diptera: Stratiomyidae) with its first record from Socotra Island

Pages 429-439
Acta Entomologica Musei Nationalis Pragae | 2014/54/suppl

Oplodontha minuta (Fabricius, 1794), a species being previously recorded only from India and Sri Lanka, is here documented from Socotra Island. Consequently, we re-examined some material of Oplodontha from Egypt and Afghanistan known as O. oasina (Lindner, 1925) and from Israel and the United Arab Emirates published under the name of O. pulchriceps (Loew, 1858). We found that the types of O. oasina are conspecific with O. minuta, so O. oasina represents a new synonym of this species. All examined specimens of O. pulchriceps (sensu Lindner 1975, Lindner & Freidberg 1978 and Hauser 2007) actually also belong to O. minuta. The known distribution of O. minuta is therefore extended to the Afrotropical as well as the Palaearctic Region. Our re-examination of the type material of Odontomyia ochracea Brunetti, 1907 and Odontomyia submutica Brunetti, 1907 confirmed the known synonymy with O. minuta. In addition, new records and a distribution map of the previously known stratiomyid species from Socotra Island, Adoxomyia socotrae Hauser, 2002 is provided.

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