Taxonomy of Stenomicra cogani, with description of S. gracilior sp. nov. from Turkey and comparative morphology of terminalia in Stenomicridae (Diptera)

Pages 697-722
Acta Entomologica Musei Nationalis Pragae | 2011/51/2

The European Stenomicra cogani Irwin, 1982 (Diptera: Stenomicridae) is redescribed including the previously undescribed female, and the variability, biology (with first photographs of living specimens) and distribution of the species are discussed. Stenomicra gracilior sp. nov., a closely allied and externally very similar species (also lacking dm-cu cross-vein), is described from southern Turkey. The morphology of the male and female terminalia is studied in detail in both these species and in Podocera delicata (Collin, 1944) and their structures are compared with those known in other genera of Stenomicridae. Female internal genitalia (genital chamber and associated structures) are described for the first time in the family Stenomicridae. Based on the analysis of the male and female genital characters, the relationships of the genera affiliated to Stenomicridae (Cyamops Melander, 1913, Stenocyamops Papp, 2006, Podocera Czerny, 1929, Stenomicra Coquillett, 1900 and Planinasus Cresson, 1914) are discussed and the validity of the genus Podocera Czerny, 1929 is corroborated. The first record of Podocera soniae (Merz & Roháček, 2005) from Sweden is given.

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