New species of the Hydroporus longulus-group from Iran, Armenia and Turkey with a synopsis of the group (Coleoptera: Dytiscidae)

Pages 529-558
Acta Entomologica Musei Nationalis Pragae | 2009/49/2

Hydroporus jelineki sp. nov. is described from Iran and Turkey, H. hajeki sp. nov. from Iran, H. holzschuhi sp. nov. from Turkey and H. shaverdoae sp. nov. from Armenia. The lectotypes of H. jacobsoni Zaitzev, 1927 and H. kraatzii Schaum, 1868 are designated. Hydroporus libanus Régimbart, 1901 and H. kryshtali Bilyashiwski, 1993 are also included in the study, since they are similar to some of the new species and almost unknown in the literature; their original descriptions are translated from Latin and Ukrainian, respectively. Except H. kraatzii, the above-mentioned species are externally rather similar, and only the males can be distinguished with certainty by the shape of their aedeagi, which are figured along with the female genitalia of five species. All these species belong to the longulus-group of Hydroporus Clairville, 1806, the members of which were treated as belonging to the subgenus Sternoporus Falkenström, 1930 until not long ago. Some historical notes on the classification of the longulus-group members and, additionally, on that of the H. memnonius- and the H. neglectus-group members are provided. A synopsis of the H. longulus-group is also given, the total number of its members now increasing from 23 to 27. Finally, some general notes on the habitats of the H. longulus-group members are provided.

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