New species and new records of Agyrtidae (Coleoptera) from China, India, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam.

Pages 631-650
Acta Entomologica Musei Nationalis Pragae | 2009/49/2

Three new species of the family Agyrtidae are described from China: Apteroloma belousovi sp. nov. (Sichuan province), Apteroloma jelineki sp. nov. and Ipelates schuelkei sp. nov. (both Yunnan province). Female of Apteroloma qinlingense Rougemont, 2001 is redescribed. Necrophilus chinensis Zhou, 2005 is considered as a junior subjective synonym of N. sichuanensis Nikolaev, 2003. First records are given for Necrophilus rupinensis Schawaller, 1986 and Pteroloma forsstromii (Gyllenhal, 1810) from China and Ipelates sikkimensis (Portevin, 1905) from India: Arunachal Pradesh, Myanmar and Thailand. Species of agyrtid genera mentioned from China and adjacent countries are keyed.

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