A study on the tribe Poecilonotini, with a revision of the subtribe Nesotrinchina subtrib. nov. and the description of a new genus and species from Papua New Guinea (Coleoptera: Buprestidae: Chrysochroinae).

Pages 729-767
Acta Entomologica Musei Nationalis Pragae | 2009/49/2

The preceding definitions of the tribe Poecilonotini Jakobson, 1913 are revised and commented and a new concept of the tribe Poecilonotini sensu novo is suggested. The subtribe Nesotrinchina Bílý, Kubáň & Volkovitsh, subtrib. nov. is described and revised including a study of selected taxa of the subtribe Poecilonotina. Ulaikoilia jelineki Bílý & Kubáň, gen. nov., sp. nov. (subtribe Nesotrinchina subtrib. nov.) is described from Papua New Guinea. The genus is diagnosed and compared with related genera and important characters at the genus and species level are illustrated. The following new synonymies are proposed: Lamprodila (Erialata) auripilis (Obenberger, 1922) = L. (E.) pubescens (Fisher, 1930), syn. nov., Melobasina apicalis Kerremans, 1900 = M. ignita (Théry, 1937), syn. nov., Nesotrinchus australicus (Kerremans, 1903) = N. simondsi Obenberger, 1924, syn. nov. and N. caeruleipennis (Fairmaire, 1877) = N. orientalis Bellamy, 1987, syn. nov. Haplotrinchus marginefossus Thomson, 1878, stat. restit. (Chrysochroinae Laporte de Castelnau, 1835, Dicercini Gistel, 1848, Haplotrinchina Hołyński, 1993) is removed from synonymy with H. pyrochlorus (Fairmaire, 1877) and restituted as a valid species. Nesotrinchus Obenberger, 1924, stat. restit. is removed from synonymy with Melobasina Kerremans, 1900. A new substitute name is suggested: Nesotrinchus thomsoni Bílý & Kubáň, nom. nov. for N. caeruleipennis Thomson, 1878 (primary and secondary homonym). Lectotypes are designated for Dicercomorpha caeruleipennis Fairmaire, 1877, D. caeruleipennis Thomson, 1878, Haplotrinchus australicus Kerremans, 1903, Melobasina apicalis Kerremans, 1900, Nesotrinchus simondsi Obenberger, 1924 and Poecilonota suturalis Deyrolle, 1864. The genus Pseudhyperantha Saunders, 1869 is transferred from Stigmoderini Lacordaire, 1857 back to the tribe Buprestini Leach, 1815. Finally, the following species are transferred to other genera: Melobasina suturalis (Deyrolle, 1864), comb. nov. from Lamprodila Motschulsky, 1860; Nesotrinchus wallisii (Montrouzier, 1855), comb. nov. from Haplotrinchus Kerremans, 1903; and N. australicus, N. caeruleipennis and N. thomsoni Bílý & Kubáň, nom. nov., all comb. nov. from Melobasina.

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