Padesátá léta / The 1950s

Padesátá léta / The 1950s

Year: 2023
ISBN: 978-80-7036-763-6
Author(s): Richard Biegel, Matěj Bílý, Jitka Gelnarová, Martin Groman, Hanuš Jordan, Jiří Knapík, Ilona Krbcová, Jan Lomíček, Petr Schneider, Michal Stehlík, Ivan Šedivý, Jakub Šlouf, Ondřej Štěpánek, Monika Tauberová, Ondřej Táborský, Jolana Tothová, Libor Vodička
Publisher: National Museum
Place of publication: Prague

Citation: BIEGEL, Richard, BÍLÝ, Matěj, GELNAROVÁ, Jitka, GROMAN, Martin, JORDAN, Hanuš, KNAPÍK, Jiří, KRBCOVÁ, Ilona, LOMÍČEK, Jan, SCHNEIDER, Petr, STEHLÍK, Michal, ŠEDIVÝ, Ivan, ŠLOUF, Jakub, ŠTĚPÁNEK, Ondřej, TAUBEROVÁ, Monika, TÁBORSKÝ, Ondřej, TOTHOVÁ, Jolana and VODIČKA, Libor. Padesátá léta / The 1950s. First edition. Prague: National Museum, 2023. ISBN 978-80-7036-763-6.

The 1950s represent one particular decade in the history of this country. The decade of the beginning of the communist dictatorship, which fundamentally changed the whole nature of society. A decade of persecution, trials, victims, and the Iron Curtain, but also a decade of enthusiasm, youth, building and faith in a new and better world. However, it was to be built at the cost of lack of freedom. The then Czechoslovakia underwent perhaps the most significant social changes of the last century. These changes affected its social structure, economy, culture, politics, and foreign policy. Our book and exhibition aim to illustrate all this and hopefully contribute to the understanding of the period between 1948 and 1960.


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