Molekulárně fylogenetický výzkum v Národním muzeu

This critical catalogue from the “The Age of Genes” exhibition presents the molecular phylogenetic and taxonomic research at the National Museum. A general introduction is provided to present advances in genetics, in the form of a historical survey. In addition, the structure of the DNA molecule, its position, function and inheritance are described in detail. The reader will become acquainted with the Natural History Museum, within which modern molecular genetic laboratories were established, and will learn more about the work, which includes describing dozens of new species from the world’s fauna every year. At the same time, research that was directly funded by the NAKI II project is pointed out, which also gave rise to “The Age of Genes” exhibition and this critical catalogue. The final part of the catalogue consists of individual exhibit photographs with details. Publication is in Czech.
Molekulárně fylogenetický výzkum v Národním muzeu


ISBN: 978-80-7036-624-0
Editor-in-Chief: Vondráček
Vydavatel: National Museum

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