Jana Kocourková
National Museum, Mycological Department, Václavské nám. 68, 115 79 Praha 1, Czech Republic.

Kocourková J. (2000): Lichenicolous Fungi of the Czech Republic. (The first commented checklist). - Acta Mus. Nat. Pragae, Ser. B., Hist. Nat. 55(3-4): 59-169

Based on the study of specimens from quoted herbaria, private collections, the authors collections and on analysis of literature records 156 lichenicolous fungi and lichens are reported from the Czech Republic, 70 for the first time. Four species, so far known from the type localities only, were also found: Arborillus llimonae, Keissleriomyces sandstedeanus, Sclerococcum epiphytorum and Sclerococcum verrucisporum; six species are reported for the first time from Central Europe: Clypeococcum cladonema, Cornutispora triangularis, Didymellopsis collematum, Polycoccum kerneri, Sphaerellothecium coniodes and Stigmidium neofusceliae; several very rare species are also reported: Endococcus verrucosus, Epicladonia stenospora, Roselliniella microthelia, Roselliniopsis groedensis, Sclerococcum leuckertii, Taeniolella beschiana, and Taeniolella cladoniicola, all of which were collected in the Czech Republic. Dactylospora lobariella, Phaeopyxis punctum, Phaeospora parasitica and Vezdaea retigera are new for the Slovak Republic. Notes to problematic species arough sketch of the world distributions distributions of every species, extensive references to literature, microphotographs to rare and interesting species, as well as both fungus and host indices are provided.

Keywords: Lichenicolous fungi, Ascomycetes, Basidiomycetes, Coelomycetes, Hyphomycetes, Czech Republic